September 2018 was a busy month for home sales in Aldie, VA with 41 homes closing vs 35 in September of 2017, we are still having a strong market.


We still have very limited supply of homes only 125 active listings in Aldie, VA verses the average which is around 199 homes.  Low supply of homes is a sign to Sellers that it is a good time to sell your home with limited competition and low number of days on market.

While sales are lower than they are in the Spring we still have a strong Fall market in Aldie with September, October and November still historically having a strong months.  One surprise for most Sellers is that February is historically a strong month for home sales in our area.  February is the true start to the “Spring Selling Market” annually.  If you are thinking of selling in Spring 2019 now is the time to start getting your home ready before the busy holiday season.  My team has an extensive plan that we have put together for our clients to help take the stress out of getting your home ready to sell and on the market for the start of the “Spring Selling Market.”  In post cases we can even sell your home prior to it hitting the market and remove the stress of daily showings of your home.  If you would like more info email me at or call me at 571-354-7325.

As I am preparing to send Madison to Kindergarten on Thursday it go me thinking about traditions around the first day of school.  In 3 years Brayden will be going and I want to make sure we do something special for her and him.  Below are the traditions that I am going to start with her, thank you to my family and friends for their suggestions.  I can’t wait to celebrate the start of school.

1. First Day Of School Picture – A great way to remember the first day of school is taking a picture either on your front steps or at your child’s school entrance sign. I am taking Madison’s picture for the first day of school with her sign on our front porch.  The talented Melissa at Bugbuddy Creations made my sign and I love it.  It is made of wood and I know it will come in handy for years to come. *Little tip if your bus comes early like ours and you don’t to be in a rush the first day, take the picture the weekend or evening before. 😉
2. School Years Eve Party – We will be having a party the night before to get her excited about starting school.  I was searching Pinterest for ideas and came across these cute printables.  I love the back to school interview, that is definitely a keeper for her keepsake box.  Click here to get your free copies.
3. Morning Surprise – Similar to her birthday we will be putting balloons and a sign on her door to make the early morning fun.  I want her to feel super special on her first day and have a great time.  There is nothing better than waking up to balloons when you open your door.
4. Special Breakfast – There is nothing better than starting the day with your favorite breakfast before getting on the bus.  We will be doing Madison’s favorite breakfast burritos, she isn’t much of a waffle girl.
5. Special Snack – A lot of my friends shared that they do a special snack after getting off the bus or getting home from after school care.  I will be making her favorite sugar cookies as a sweet surprise to come home to.
6. Special Dinner – I know we can’t wait to hear about her special day and she will be excited to share.  We will be taking her out for a special mommy, daddy, daughter dinner to hear all about her day.
7. Notes in Lunch Box – We are writing a few days worth of notes for Madison so we can sneak them in her lunch box.  We want her to know that we are thinking of her and wanting to send a little love to her.  My hubby and I sat down one night and wrote them out, she’s in kindergarten so the notes are pretty simple.  If you need a few ideas here are some cute ones.
8. Letter to Future – We will also be writing a letter to her to read in the future.  I will be just writing down some message and thoughts for her about her first day at school to read to her on graduation day.  I will be saving them on our cloud drive and in her memento box.
9. Special Book – The night before school we will be ready a special book all about the night before Kindergarten just to get her excited about the day to come.
10. Moms Freedom Day – First day of Kindergarten and school is a big day for not only your kids but moms and dads too. I will be celebrating this milestone with a special breakfast with my hubby.  I will also be having a special lunch with some other Kindergarten moms.  There is nothing like celebrating with friends and family, plus it will keep my mind off how sad I will be this day.
What are some of your favorite traditions?

It’s the time of year when children dread and parents rejoice…back to
school! It can be hard to get back into the routine and make a
peaceful transition from summer frolicking to school days.
Here are a few suggestions to make it go better!

Loudoun County has been having a strong year for home sales.  We are still experiencing a low supply of homes in Loudoun County cities.  What does low supply mean?  If you are selling your home it means less competition and it allows you to get top dollar for your home!  Let me show you how to sell your home fast, stress free and for TOP $!

If you are buying a home it means that there won’t be as many homes to pick from so you need a strong Real Estate Agent like myself to find homes that are coming soon or that aren’t currently on the market.  We are seeing homes that hit the market sell within a few days or before they are active.  Your agent needs to be actively searching for homes for you.  Let me help you not miss out on your dream home.

Currently in Ashburn 20148 we have 2.1 months of inventory verses the typical 3.7 months of inventory.

Currently in Ashburn 20147 we have even lower supply of homes only 1.4 months of inventory verses the typical 2.3 months of inventory.

Currently in Leesburg 20175  we have 2.2 months of inventory verses the typical 3.9 months of inventory.

Currently in Leesburg 20175  we have 2.0 months of inventory verses the typical 3.4 months of inventory.

Currently in Aldie we have 3.6  months of inventory verses the typical 6.1 months of inventory.

If you want specific stats on your area or neighborhood email me at or call me at 571.354.7325 and I will be happy to send you personalized statistics.